A four-pronged approach

The HoneyTek Systems process is defined by four distinct,
equally important elements:

Plan, Design, Install and Support

Without a good plan, you’re bound to fall
short of your expectations.

In the planning phase of our process, HoneyTek Systems identifies problems, discovers vulnerabilities, recognizes opportunities for improvement and gains an understanding of the nature of your business.

Taking all the information into account, we construct a plan. A plan that not only uses cutting edge network security technologies, but that also makes perfect sense for your company.

The plan takes shape.

From detailed infrastructure layouts right down to specific configuration guidelines, HoneyTek Systems designs a complete network security plan. Designs are comprehensive and thorough to ensure that subsequent steps in our defined process are organized and seamless.

Your new network security systems are
configured and installed according to specifications.

HoneyTek Systems understands the fact that business must go on, which is why we’ve got the installation process down to a science. Structured, strategic and fluid, installation is designed to have the least amount of impact on your daily business operations.

Downtime is minimal and interruption is rare.

And the end result is a network that is exponentially more secure than it was before we started.

Our job is not complete after installation.
Far from it.

You see, HoneyTek Systems is a full-service network security solutions provider. And this means we don’t leave you high and dry once the products are set up and in place.

On the contrary, we provide ongoing monitoring and support services to track activities, manage new threats to your system, and continually optimize your security to give you the greatest possible protection.

An efficient process yields positive results.

HTS can help you save time & money.

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