About the Company

This case study is about a large, well-known Canadian bank that gives its customers a safe, simple and user-friendly way to save and borrow money. Like all financial institutions, this company has a responsibility to uphold strong network security, both for its employees and its customers.

This financial institution was in need of network security and compliance across international borders. As a result of changing roles and information technology requirements, and greater responsibility for regulatory compliance and internal operations, over the years firewall management became costly and burdensome.

The company was in need of better controls for firewall configurations in order to stay secure and compliant, and to remain fully responsive to employees.

The Problem

The Solution

The company turned to HoneyTek Systems. After thorough evaluation of the situation and the available solutions on the market, HoneyTek Systems installed the AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA). With built-in SOX and NERC compliance reports, AFA was easy to install, test and use.

Using AFA’s notification feature, HoneyTek created a workflow for the firewall configuration process. Each time a change is made, the Security Manager receives an email with the details. The change is implemented only once the manager approves it, ensuring that everything is properly reviewed.

AFA’s built-in knowledgebase informs the financial institution of best practices for firewall configuration and every change is automatically evaluated against the system’s database to identify which configurations need improvement and which must be avoided.

Key Results
  • Automated compliance reporting
  • Dramatic reduction in the time it takes to prepare for compliance audits
  • Complete control over firewall policies and compliance requirements
  • Significant daily time savings
  • Greater confidence in network security management