About the Company

This company offers one of the most efficient investment fund transaction processing systems in the entire world. Through its proprietary automated processes, this company constantly strives to reduce the risks, costs and time associated with investment fund processing.

In this industry, outside contractors are hired to program and maintain projects, and to perform analyses and assessments on a regular basis. The problem is, these outside contractors can pose a significant threat to internal security, particularly towards the end of their contractual terms. This company attempted to monitor contractors’ activities using various commercial tools, however, this resulted in high costs and intense resource demands. There was no way to correlate data from each tool to assign risk levels and there was no automated technology to respond to risky behaviour in a timely manner.

The Problem

The Solution

The company hired HoneyTek Systems. After detailed assessments and evaluations, HoneyTek determined that Splunk Enterprise was the ideal product for implementation and configuration. The software quickly integrated data from the many monitoring systems and provided a holistic, graphical, easy-to-understand view of the threat assessment environment.

With this, the company is now able to assign specific risk levels to each contract employee based on his or her contract expiration date and specific role within the organization. As soon as the risk level exceeds a certain number, the internal security team is alerted immediately, so that timely and appropriate actions can be taken. Through the capture and display of all relevant security data, this solution gives the company the ability to accurately monitor its contract employees and to protect its assets from both intentional and unintentional harm.

Key Results
  • Integration of data sources into a single holistic view
  • Identification of high risk behaviours
  • Automated, targeted and rapid responses to identified risks
  • Visibility into potentially harmful employee behaviour
  • Enforcement of security policies
  • Reduced cost of monitoring